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Australian Clutch Services Covers First Generation Falcons

Australian Clutch Services has recently introduced a clutch kit to suit the first generation, XK – XP Falcon. “Covering these classic vehicles is important to our business” Says Brenton Jordan, Managing Director of ACS, “we are always looking to cover niche vehicles alongside more common vehicles in the current market. By covering the whole market we can help our distributors find a solution to any problem and for any application”.

“These first generations of the Falcon are symbols of Australian manufacturing during the 1960’s and we believe it is important to keep spare parts available for current and future owners”

Australian Clutch Services has been working hard to ensure that rare and exotic vehicles are listed. “We recently produced a clutch kit to suit the Ford Fiesta ST and at the same time we are designing kits to suit Windsor and Cleveland V8’s. Although these vehicles belong to very different markets, and some classic vehicles require these kits less often, we still get regular requests for classic vehicle kits” explains Stewart Furze, mechanical engineer at ACS. 

02 June, 2015

Australian Clutch Services Releases Delorean Clutch Kit

Australian Clutch Services is rapidly expanding their range to include more rare and exotic vehicles. New to their range is the Delorean DMC-12. “We are constantly updating our listings to not only cover the common vehicles on our roads, but also some of the rarest vehicles in Australia” Explains Brenton Jordan, Managing Director of Australian Clutch Services. The Delorean DMC-12 was produced from 1981-1983 with 8,583 vehicles produced worldwide over this period, however, they have now gone back into production in very limited numbers. Famous for its role in the Back to the Future series and its unique styling, the Delorean has become an icon vehicle of the 1980’s. Currently the ACS Classic Clutch catalogue includes vehicles from famous marques such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Valiant and Porsche amongst many others,  “Although vehicles of this type are very rare, we still get regular requests for these sorts of kits, mainly because there are either very few, or no options for the consumer. By offering these kits we differentiate ourselves in the market whilst also helping keep these fantastic classic vehicles on the road”. The Delorean Clutch kit is available now through any Australian Clutch Services Distributor. Part Number: KDL23001

02 June, 2015

Australian Clutch Services Launches New Website

Australian Clutch Services has recently introduced a new website to improve efficiencies and become more user-friendly. ACS has worked hard to ensure that the new website has the most up to date and comprehensive technical information database available for consumers which they have called Clutch Tech. ACS has provided Tech Bulletins, product design variations, articles on how clutches work, common terminology and diagnostic information. Also included in Clutch Tech is a new video series that highlights some of the common topics and procedures that both professional workshops and DIY mechanics experience on a regular basis

 The Clutch Tech Section can be accessed now on the Australian Clutch Services website  or on the Australian Clutch Services YouTube page


02 June, 2015

New vehicle added to Gallery!

See if you can spot the all original HK 327 Bathurst in the Gallery. This vehicle has been completely restored with no expense spared and is one of the few left in this remarkable condition. Vehicles of this calibre deserve the best Classic Clutch available.

02 April, 2009

New Classic Clutch products launched!

More products have become available from Classic Clutch. Check the products page to see the very latest!

02 April, 2009

Classic Clutch unveiled at AAAA show 2009!

Australian Clutch Services officially unveiled the Classic Clutch product range at the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) show in Sydney 2-4th April 2009. The AAAA show is the biggest of its kind anywhere in Australia, and ACS had a substantial all-new stand to show off its expanding range to the automotive industry.

02 April, 2009

Classic Clutch Website launched!

Australian Clutch Services is proud to launch its latest product range; Classic Clutch. Click here to view the extensive range already available. More are being added all the time.

01 April, 2009